Vision and Mission

The Fairlington Historical Society’s vision is:

  • To serve as the recognized source of information, awareness, education, and advocacy in order to preserve and protect the unique character of all seven Fairlington villages.
  • To promote the continuing quality and vitality of community life.
  • To build and manage the resources necessary to represent the interests of the Fairlington community in historical and historic preservation organizations.

The Fairlington Historical Society seeks to:

  • Preserve – The history of the Fairlington property and the memories, stories, and artifacts of the individuals and families who have made it their home and community.
  • Protect – The unique architectural character of the Fairlington property and the quality of village and community life.
  • Provide – Awareness and education for the community on Fairlington’s history and on the value and methods of historic preservation; assistance and guidance for the Fairlington condominium villages and other Fairlington associations on matters of historical preservation.
  • Promote – Participation of all Fairlington residents, past and current, and other interested parties in the life of a vital and cohesive community.