Home and Garden

FHS’ biennial Home and Garden Tour is one of the community’s most popular events. In May of odd-numbered years, the tour features some of the neighborhood’s most inventively renovated and beautifully decorated homes and patios. The photos in this gallery are from several past home tours and are organized by model type. We hope that these give you an idea of the many possibilities for designed living in Fairlington homes.

Remember that each Fairlington home is unique and there can be significant variations even among homes of the same model type.

Also remember that modifications of the type shown here require variances and building permits. Be sure to consult with your condominium association and general contractor to assure that all permissions and permits are obtained.

Ashlawn Model #

Barcroft Model #

Braddock Model #

Clarendon Model #

Edgewood Model #

Hermitage Model #

Fairlington Life #

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