Archive and Artifacts

The FHS archive was designed by Board of Trustees member and Certified Archivist, Ruth Kerns. The “Fairlington Collection” is located at the Center for Local History at the Arlington County Public Library (1015 North Quincy Street, Arlington, VA). The collection currently includes records of the Historic Designation Committee and those of FHS.

The collection has four parts:

The FHS archive also includes a variety of material, photographs, and memorabilia loaned for duplication or donated by past and present Fairlington residents. A memorabilia display is located at the North Fairlington Community Center (3005 South Abingdon Street, Arlington, VA). FHS also retains a partial archive of the All Fairlington Bulletin, which we hope to scan and make available on this website in the future.

The three-dimensional models of the Fairlington community used in the sales office in the 1970’s have been conserved and are on display at the Fairlington Community Center (3308 South Stafford Street, Arlington, VA).

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