Fairlington Architect’s Map Reproduction #

Perhaps you have noticed the sepia toned map of the Fairlington community hanging in the North Fairlington Community Center. The original map was probably prepared c. 1943 by the architect Kenneth Franzheim for the Defense Homes Corporation and subsequently revised for Fairmac, the firm that managed the post-World War II rental community from 1947-1972. The map was updated by CBI Fairmac, the firm that oversaw its conversion to condominiums in 1972-1978, and later revised by FHS to better define the villages. This is the latest revised version.

36” X 24” reproductions on matte poster paper are available for purchase for $50 each, shipping included.**

Click the button below and print the order form. Complete the form and mail it with a check made out to the Fairlington Historical Society to: FHS, 2776 Arlington Mill Drive, #150, Arlington, VA 22206.

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